Couples Counseling

Couples choose to work with me because I have many years of specialized training and experience. As your relationship coach, I will help you to have better communication, more joy, and increased connection.

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Depression Counseling

Many of my clients are depressed when they come to me. I have a lot of experience working with those feelings.

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About Me

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In 2003 I established a full-time private practice in Campbell, California, where I’ve found that counseling and helping others has not only been my chosen profession, but an occupational calling.

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My office is located on the 3rd floor of the Campbell Office Center between the Pruneyard Shopping Center and the Hamilton Avenue exit of Highway 17 at:

901 Campisi Way, Suite 350 Campbell, CA 95008


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Therapy and counseling in my practice is a multi-step process beginning with a call or email from you, requesting information. My aim will be to help you decide what problems you want to focus on. And once you leave my office, you’ll have clear goals and a plan to achieve those goals.


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I have good news for you . . . with help from me and work by you, you can have a relationship that feels good.

- Judith McFarland, Marriage and Family Therapist

What Feeds and Promotes Resilience

Resilience is a desirable characteristic. The more resilient you are, the better you will handle life’s inevitable challenges. You can help yourself to develop resilience!

It’s The Holidays. Why Do I Feel So Bad?

It’s not a myth that the holidays generate feelings of loneliness and sadness for many people. If your important relationships are intact and doing well, that’s great. But what if they aren’t?

Is Problem Drinking A Problem In A Relationship?

Is drinking a problem in your important relationship? Problem drinking is not necessarily an addiction and not all problem drinkers are alcoholics. Yet their drinking may be a significant factor in a relationship in trouble.

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