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Thoughts on relationships

Relationship counseling and psychotherapy has been my profession for almost 19 years. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and experienced relationship coach, I’ve seen many people struggle with, and overcome, common issues related to communication, surviving infidelity, intimacy, depression, parenting problems, life transitions, infertility and adoption and much more. I’d like to share some of the knowledge I have gained, with you.

Managing The New Reality; The impact of 24/7 Wired Communication on Relationships

Boundaries between important relationships and work/school life are increasingly blurred by the ready availability of various kinds of technology. It can be useful and it can be distracting and intrusive. How are the significant others in your life affected by your use of technology? How are you affected by their use of tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc?

Counseling for Couples

Couples choose to work with me because I have more than 18 years of specialized training and experience, and have many tools to help you. The good news is that relationships can be improved if both partners want to work on it, even if only one partner comes to sessions. What does that mean? Without trying to predict exactly how it will work, since every couple is unique, I can offer some insight into the process. Couples come to counseling with a variety of issues – “We fight all the time, but we never resolve anything”, or “We are friends, but there’s no…