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My office is online!

Meeting online can work for clients not able to come to an office.

Relationship Counseling
Judith McFarland, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

California License No. MFC 38121

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Face to Face Therapy or Online Therapy; What Will Work Best For You?

Meeting with me online can provide the convenience and privacy you want or need. No traffic and scheduling hassles, and if you are motivated to work on how you show up in your most important relationships, but the logistics of arrangements are preventing you, this may work better for you!

The traditional model of therapy involved meeting me in my office and scheduling appointments at a mutually convenient time. I worked with clients using this model for 20 + years, and we were quite effective in creating changed relationships.

One of the common problems for busy clients can be scheduling. Work demands, traffic or the need for childcare can create insurmountable obstacles to getting the help. Therapy online in my practice allows for a more flexible schedule. We agree on a day and time, and we agree in advance on what technology we will use (FaceTime or Skype). We have a brief test run before the appointment, usually texting to firm up the contact details. Clients need an enabled device, such as a tablet or iPad, or a laptop or desktop computer. Some clients use their smart phones and we “meet” while they sit in their car!

For online sessions I handle payment by credit card, and please note, these sessions are never recorded.
If you have any confidentiality concerns, please let me know so that we can discuss them thoroughly.

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